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Friday, April 30, 2010

X-Men: X2

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Plot of Movie

After the events on Liberty Island, everyone at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters are settling in. Magneto is locked up in a plastic cell, Rogue and Bobby Drake have finally got together, and Wolverine has set off to find the origins of where he came from. But it wont stay quiet for long. After a mutant attack on the President, everyone starts to fear any type of mutant. William Stryker who plans to stop all mutants, takes over the school, causing Wolverine and his team of mutants to go into hiding. Stryker has managed to capture Xavier and will use him to create another version of Cerebro. Wolverine and the team must now team up with their enemy, Magneto to stop Stryker before it's too late. Written by Film_Fan

Already living in a society that mistrusts them, the mutants are faced with even more discrimination after an unforeseen enemy - who may be a mutant with extraordinary powers - launches a devastating attack. The news of the assault causes a public outcry against the mutants, including renewed support for the Mutant Registration Act, and William Stryker, a military leader rumored to have experimented on mutants (possibly including Wolverine), is among the most vocal supporters of the legislation. Stryker puts into motion a plan to eradicate the mutants and begins an offensive on the X-Men mansion and school. Magneto, having escaped from his plastic prison, forms an unlikely alliance with Professor Xavier to stop Stryker. Meanwhile, Wolverine heads north to investigate his past. Written by Uber Minion

A new war between humans and mutants begins after an attempted assassination of the President of the United States. Now, all the mutants must fight together against a common enemy: General William Stryker. Stryker, to further his plan to eradicate all mutants, uses radical methods to get some information from Magneto, and plans an attack to Professor Xavier's school. On the night of the attack, Wolverine is left alone to 'babysit' the young students (Jean Grey and Storm are looking for the mutant assassin, and Xavier is in Magneto's plastic prison, having left Cyclops in its lobby). The plot goes on with a lot of action and many revelations, largely following the comic books.


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