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Friday, May 7, 2010

Dead Space: Downfall

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Plot of Movie

The film revolves around the mining ship Ishimura as it arrives in the vicinity of an alien world. Discovering an object referred to as the "Marker", it is brought aboard the ship by orders of Captain Mathius and Dr. Kyne. A week passes and a rash of violent attacks between the miners and other crew begin to rise in numbers. Hostilities begin to break out as members of the religious group, the "Unitologists", beg for a glimpse of the Marker, a key icon in their belief.

Meanwhile, on the planet, two miners check out an outpost that has gone silent while the Ishimura brings up a chunk of the planet, using Gravity Tethers, for mining purposes. Shortly after arriving the men discover something amiss and one goes out in search of his girlfriend, while his partner vanishes during a quick blackout. In the girlfriend's room, the man watches in shock as his beloved commits suicide shortly after muttering how "they want our bodies." As the man flees the facility, he is unaware of an alien presence attaching itself to his deceased lover.


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