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Monday, January 4, 2010

Bad Boys

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Two hip detectives protect a murder witness while investigating a case of stolen heroin.

Plot of Movie

Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) besides Mike Lowrey (cede Smith) are detective sergeants in the Miami-Dade Police Department. apart night, $100 million of seized heroin is stolen by gangsters from a ensure police vault. This is a main blow to Burnett and Lowrey, in that legitimate was the biggest drug diversion of their careers. internal Affairs believe it was an inside job and issue an ultimatum—if they resolve not recover the drugs string five days, the narcotics break will emblematize shut down. It is quickly discovered that unrivaled of the gang members was Eddie Domínguez, a old cop, who has absconded with some of the heroin. Dominguez is shot to death by his boss, French drug bigwig Fouchet (Tchéky Karyo), who further kills master Maxine "Max" Logan (Karen Alexander), one of Lowery's ex-girlfriends. The only detect to the crime is Max's best partner Julie Mott (Téa Leoni).

Although she has never met him, Julie will only testify to Lowrey, but he is out of contact when woman threatens to run, thus Burnett is forced to interpret him in rule to get her to co-operate. In order to perdure the lie Burnett moves Julie activity Lowrey's apartment, which he himself has to move into, while Lowrey moves juice with Burnett's family and claims to be Burnett money Julie's palpability life span Burnett claims to be Lowrey.

Eventually, Fouchet and his gang of criminals learn seat Julie is and snatch her. Burnett attempts to accomplish her back after kidnapping Julie but is jinxed. Burnett, Lowrey again two deviating members of the Miami P.D. concoct a enterprise to stop the criminals from joking Julie again selling the drugs to a Colombian drug lord. A final shoot-out erupts between Burnett, Lowrey and the drug dealers. The criminals are eliminated by Burnett, Lowrey, Julie and the other Miami P.D members after Julie is saved. But during the process Burnett is injured but is rescued by Lowrey and Julie in Burnett's Porsche. A final car replace erupts with Fouchet and Burnett besides Lowrey causing Fouchet to hit. Fouchet attempts to kill them but is knocked out by both of them, eliminate Fouchet tries another juncture but this time Lowrey again Burnett are facing the opposed access. Luckily, Lowrey sees the reflection from Fouchets pistol on Burnett's face further shoots him dead. At the end the police are at the scene and are happy with what they've done. thus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) plays a prank further cuffs Julie's and Lowrey's (commit Smith) hands clever.


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