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Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Marine

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Plot of Movie

After following returning familiar from Iraq, former Marine John Triton (Cena) and his wife Kate (Carlson) decide to bring a sojourn. Meanwhile, unlawful percipience Rome (Robert Patrick) robs a jewelry store with his accomplices: his attractive girlfriend Angela (Abigail Bianca), Morgan (Parker), Vescera (Gibson), also Bennett (Bennett). While running from the cops, they stop at a a scream station, position John again Kate have stopped seeing well. When a wayfaring car arrives to fill up, Morgan shoots one and Rome injures the other. After Bennett knocks John out go underground a fire extinguisher, Kate is kidnapped. Morgan shoots at the rich tanks, causing the feed to trials up stow away John inside. John survives, emerging to transact the abandoned patrol car. He gives chase, with every differential member of the gang shooting at him. They header through a map area, and to the termination of a reservoir. Under heavy fire, John cataract out the car and into the lake.

The criminals decide to inspect through the swamps to flee the police, still with Kate as their captive. John revives and, despite an officer's lack of permission, pursues them. After an altercation between Morgan further Vescera to show how crazy Morgan is, Rome decides that they have no further avail owing to Vescera and shoots him, leaving the body for the alligators. Kate gets into heated arguments screen the group, Angela especially, who strikes Kate whenever she insults her or tries to escape.

The criminals eventually roll in at a building further rest there now the time since. Triton gets overdue when some fugitives attack him. He subdues them both and tracks the league to the lodge. He arrives and kills Morgan, who was sent exterior to mood on the electricity, with a scimitar that Vescera dropped when he was killed. He then kills Bennett when he goes over to set on Morgan, beating him deserted and stomping on his smooch. in that he drags the nation beneath the shack, the police officer he met earlier "grants" him further permission to effectuate what he commitment and turns dump the electricity for a distraction.

Kate takes advantage of this further rushes outer of the building, only to epitomize pursued and captured by Angela. John crashes through the window and meets Rome for the pre-eminent time in his stroll. The chalk up further enters the look-in besides points his gun at John, revealing himself to be working with Rome the whole time (and thus the secrecy local Rome tried to cut foreign of the deal in an earlier phone call). Rome open fires at Triton, but he uses the corrupt cop (V.B.) whereas a human shield. Rome makes his escape and joins up stash Angela and the quiet captured Kate before firing at a gasoline tank and destroying the dwelling. John makes a narrow escape out the window.

Rome takes V.B.'s car and drives off, but being of the police monitor, they have to abandon it, also Angela hitchhikes also shoots a truck driver due to a trailer-less cab. John is arrested by an officer domination a craft further steals the vessel closest handcuffing the officer, alias in that Rita's Marina (the destination he heard the criminals utterance of earlier). John arrives and sees the truck cab, jumping onto the hump. He hence he sees a bus john hancock the opposite direction and runs along the running board to the passenger seat where he opens the door, grabs Angela by the neck, and throws her into the bus's windshield, hilarious her and spilling the diamonds. Rome then knocks John erase the guide by driving into the side of a building and careens over a warehouse, leaping out before the truck crashes for a window into the reservoir beyond. Triton confronts him agency the tropical warehouse and thinks he kills Rome by burying him imprint filth beside a vicious power. He rushes to rescue his wife, who is handcuffed inside the sinking truck cab, dragging her from the water and administering CPR successfully. A badly-burned Rome returns again chokes him squirrel a pool. John turns the tables and breaks Rome's neck with the chain further the scene ends with John again Kate kissing.


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